California's SB 1476

California's SB 1476 illustrates once again, that condoned and applauded homosexual liaisons create enormous societal ills for which there are no solutions. This bill, sponsored by Senator Mark Leno, (D-CA) stemmed from a court case last year. A gay woman separated from her same sex-partner to become impregnated by a man. Once the muffin was in the oven, she returned to her lover. This scenario is hardly inconceivable. Creationary design does not allow for sexual replication by same-sex partners. One plus one does not equal two when it comes to gay couples. Did Darwin have a point?

The bill does allow a smoke screen of sorts, with other allowances for three-parent or multiple parent families. But it specifically addresses a scenario where a same-sex couple use a close male friend to be a sperm donor, so that all three can raise the child. Does the design modification of a traditional family with a male and female counterpart open the door for emotional illness in a child? I believe it is a possibility, and an issue we are hesitant to voice for fear of being called hateful. But if there is even a minimal concern, legislation which condones and promotes societal ill must be avoided.

I believe that children become strengthened when they are anchored to their generational gene pool. They look at their Daddy and note certain strengths in his parents, siblings and cousins. They look at Mommy and note certain strengths in her lineage too. These things can give a sense of well-being. All parents are not perfect. But parents do contribute significantly to image and identity formation in their own biological children. My own image and identity has been firmly anchored within the gene pool of a Cherokee grandmother who lived at home until she was ninety-three years of age. This is on Daddy's branch. My image and identity are also firmly anchored within the gene pool of a grandfather who went to Haiti late in life to be a missionary and even later, built a birthing clinic in Mexico. This is my Mom's branch.

I contend that little girls need a Daddy to learn how to interact with a man. I contend that little girls need a Daddy to know how a lady should be treated. I contend that little boys need a Mommy to know how to interact with a woman. And I contend that little boys learn how they should be treated by the way they see their mother treat their Dad. The generations are formed and strengthened by these tightly defined bonds of family. It is the model which has sustained our generations for literal centuries. It is a model which has been trans-national and trans-cultural. What was it inside the soul of man which defined this relationship so clearly and in such a universal manner? Was it the echo of the voice of a loving God to His creation?

This model can be destroyed by individual choice. I believe in freedom of choice and I believe in human liberty. But the tools of the state should not applaud the destruction of a traditional model. And the state should not be complicit in cheering from the sidelines as the carnival of the ludicrous continues to play out because of gay agenda. Why do we not hang our heads in shame?

Child as driftwood. Child without a proper anchor. The destruction of the traditional family will continue. And our government sends up a cheer. Let the merry march of fools continue.

July 4th, 2012

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

And who is this Creator to whom the Founding Fathers bowed the knee of respect?

They bowed to the Creator God who declared man to be free, and not a slave.

And the Lord God commanded the man, "You are free...." Genesis 2:16 NIV

"I have made a wee-little book from the Gospels which I call the Philosophy of Jesus. It is a paradigma of his doctrines, made by cutting the texts out of the book and arranging them on the pages of a blank book, in a certain order of time or subject. A more beautiful or precious morsel of ethics I have never seen. It is a document in proof that I am a REAL CHRISTIAN, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus...." The Jefferson Bible

All systems of government are capable of enslavement. But on this day of commemoration let each of us remember that Christian belief and firm belief that God meant His creatures to live with liberty, caused the ink to flow onto a document which affirmed our liberty. It was, and remains a remarkable testament to an understanding of the natural creed which flowed from God to man. God moulded us, making us male and female. He then commanded that we be free. It is his will and intent that man learn to thrive under the banner of human liberty.

God Bless America!

*As an editorial note: The July commentary (total of two) will soon be collapsed into the June archive. I will post all subsequent writings under meta-tags which reflect my interest in foreign policy, domestic policy and Islamic studies - for ease of reading.

Resurrection of the Abbasid Dynasty

On the link below is the Monday commentary for Daily Times (Pakistan). I still submit an occasional column. The nation of Pakistan continues to hold my interest and remains a distinct area of research.

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Illegal Immigrants: Depriving my Children of a Better Future

"Arizona bears the brunt of the country's illegal immigration problem. Its citizens feel themselves under siege by large numbers of illegal immigrants who invade their property, strain their social services, and even place their lives in jeopardy. Federal officials have been unable to remedy the problem, and indeed have recently shown that they are unwilling to do so. Thousands of Arizona's estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants-including not just children but men and women under 30-are now assured immunity from enforcement, and will be able to compete openly with Arizona citizens for employment."

Justice Antonin Scalia, in his 22 page dissent to the SCOTUS ruling today.

The SCOTUS decision to strike down the majority of the provisions of Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law should send a clear message to the American citizens residing within their individual states: We will be forced to continue to support and give way to law-breakers who seek to destroy our economy.

The issue is not concern for the indigent poor south of our border. If that be the case, I contend that we also generously allow 100 million poor Chinese, ten million poor Pakistani, and 20 million poverty-stricken Indonesians to partake of the bread of the working class American. Why stop with Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador? To be fair, we must open the floodgates to billions of others who reside in perpetual poverty across the globe. Let's enrich them and impoverish our own.

We cannot eradicate poverty by making our own generations poorer. Beyond that, it is our duty to work hard to make our generations economically stronger. It is only an economically strong America which can reach out across the borders of the world to assist others to strengthen their own infrastructure, build their own economy and lessen the load of their corruption through ethical foreign policy initiatives.

The peasant class of indigent poor which have invaded my own city can be noted by the rapid rise of Medicaid mills for free dental care, check-cashing offices and pay-day loan facilities which have mushroomed in blighted little strip malls within the cityscape. I saw the depletion of needed resources for citizens at my place of employment when illegal immigrants streamed to our emergency room for free care, and emergency surgeries. This invasion can be noted by the indigent poor who swoop down in droves to partake of any food drive, free school uniform drive or backpacks full of school supplies offered by area churches. They leach away at the goodness of America. The peasant class of indigent poor have brought a bedbug epidemic to our apartments, and turned single-family neighborhoods into homes which house multiple families, or function as week-end hotels for men who are illegal day laborers. Our neighborhoods in the southern part of the city are becoming blighted. The City Council has a good solution. They take tax revenue to build brick walls to hide the problem. The blight is still there. My taxes, built a nice wall. The peasant class of indigent poor has denied American high school students the opportunity to land their first job, start a yard business, or paint a fence in my town. The impact of illegal immigration on local economy is enormous.

Arizona's citizens have sent up a distress signal. It has been ignored by the federal branch and the judiciary.

America has become a nation which embraces and rewards those who break our laws and then take advantage of our social services and economy. My children will be poorer. Yet the President embraces non-citizen children who are here illegally with their parents. My children will be poorer. Naturally, President Obama's daughters will never suffer lack.

But I do remember one thing: poor citizens become enslaved citizens. The illegal immigrants are enslaving the legal citizens. Think of it. Maybe that is how the current administration likes it!

Child Rapists: Stay Out of our State

A Texas father led to his daughter's location by following the sound of her screams saw something which no father should ever have to witness: the active rape-in-progress of his daughter. Did I mention the little girl is five years old?

Lethal force against a witnessed rape attempt against a small child is a justified use of force. A Texas grand jury refused to indict a father from Shiner, Texas who took the only weapon he had available, his bare-knuckled fists, to redeem the life of his own flesh and blood. In his fury to protect his child, he killed the rapist.

The rape of little girls can require surgical intervention due to damage to the genitourinary system and adjacent physical structures. I am a registered nurse. I am quite intimately aware of the post-traumatic status of rape victims, including little girls.

The father has shown remorse for taking the life of another human. May he quickly work through these feelings of self-doubt to come out on the other side, strengthened and with a sense of peace. As he takes his daughter in his arms, may he thank God for the strength to kill a man who sought to destroy his daughter's life. Minus intervention, the rape would most likely have progressed to murder.

May this Texas father look at his two strong hands and understand that he did not violate any universal moral law. He merely fulfilled the requirement of a universal moral law. Child rapists must be put to death. For the good of society. They are oxygen thieves.

Children of a Lesser God

"Why do you honor your sons more than me by fattening yourself on the choice parts of every offering.?" 1 Samuel 2:29

My husband and I belong to an inner city church. The campus is a modest one. Within a block of our House of Worship is a combination meat market/taco stand. Across the street, a small shopping center with a dollar store which is the crown jewel of a blighted shopping plaza.

Church members within impoverished nations meet under trees, in adobe homes, and along the banks of their village rivers. I am grateful for our sanctuary with stained glass windows.

The other day we were traveling along a major transit corridor in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. It is along these routes, the mega churches are built. The key to brisk traffic for fast food is easy access. Mega church ministries also understand the rules of play to provide Christianity lite to post-modern Christians. Facilities and expanded facilities are carefully planned based on location. Unfortunately, the allure of comfort and amenities can drain the membership of smaller neighborhood churches, such as our own house of worship. But we struggle along happily.

Struggle builds character.

Why do we choose to attend a church without any exterior glitz, a Starbucks coffee shop, and a bookstore? The reason is simple enough. We have one pastor, not a double-dipping pastoral team. And perhaps most importantly, none of the children or relatives of the pastor are receiving a paycheck from the church. We have experienced the world of mega church nepotism. We walked away.

The children of a lesser god.. Mega churches can easily become financial incubators for the children of mega church power couples. The children can be noted for lack of university degrees or any discernable long-term work history outside of the walls of their church. In other words, they lack the perspective of toil under a chain of command structure. They move within these corridors of religio-cultural power collecting paychecks and enormous reward cards along the way. They travel across the globe to speak at conferences which are tailor-made for the audiences. They peer out at us from the television and church publications. Having a thimble-full of intelligence and real life experience, but harnessed with the delegated authority of a powerful paternal figure, they wish to tell the rest of us about Jesus. They have "ministries" of their own, and nice little tax shelters and expense accounts. It is all perfectly legal. Is it spiritually ethical?

Jesus told his disciples that even the foxes had their holes, but He had no real place to lay his head at night. (Luke 9:58)

Jesus Christ is far beyond my grasp of the written and spoken word. If I can fully describe Jesus, He ceases to be the Son of God. He is now the god of my imagination. The children of a lesser god claim to know Jesus. They know the Jesus of blessing.


They do not know the man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. They know not, the god of delayed gratification to attain a college degree, the god of punching a clock at two a.m. to provide nursing care to an emergency surgical case. They know not, the god of Ramen noodles with the loss of employment and a paycheck. But they absolutely know the god of blessing. They lack nothing. And financial success wafts through the air of their office as a scepter of god's blessing.

I find they do not speak to me. A twenty-something lacking the mighty striving and struggle required to achieve goals has little to offer me. Out from under Daddy's largesse, the corporate construct of their life fades to grey. These are the children of a lesser god. It is not the God that I seek - with all of my heart.


Islamic cultural memory is etched on the heart with the mother's tongue, the father's tale and a pen dipped into the ink of the centuries. Whilst technology drones across the landscape of Yemen, the soil of the land retains the blood and history of her generations.

"You can't always get what you want...."

The Rolling Stones got it right. We may never achieve what we want, when it comes to a tiny geopolitical chess piece known as Yemen. Her defense is based on a perception of historical right.

The Yemeni are not unfamiliar with their vibrant history, famous stories, and geopolitical moorings. The story of the mysterious "People of the Ditch" in which Yemeni tribesmen are rounded up, unceremoniously dropped into a ditch, and set ablaze in a campaign of political zealotry finds its way into the Qur'an. The actual story of the "People of the Ditch" places a death toll at 20,000-40,000 souls, depending on the scholarly count.

"Cursed were the people of the ditch". (Qur'an 85:4)

Yemen also provides the backdrop for the military campaign described in the Surah titled, "The Elephant" (Al-Fil). This Surah is my personal favorite because of the vibrant imagery of God and man, the intersection of the supernatural in the affairs of men. What transpired and is collapsed into the story recounted in Al-Fil set the stage for the rise of a new regional power bloc. This bloc, which was administrated by capable men, expanded by means of both conquest and colonization.

Queen Bilqis was from Yemen, and the story plays out within the pages of the Qur'an.

Qur'an 34:16 is a reference to a historic flood in Yemen.

It was to Yemen, that Prophet Muhammad dispatched a governor to collect tribute from the heads of tribes. This man successfully passed an oral examination with three questions which encapsulated the concepts of how the judiciary was to be function and promulgate policies within an Islamic state. Accounts of this oral examination can also be found within the writings of a famous jurist from the Abbasid Dynasty.

It was declared by Prophet Muhammad that Yemen would one day become a place where an elderly woman could travel along the road with a bag of gold, and not be accosted. Yemen- presents as the future of Islam with an Alpha-protocol of governance.

Of utmost importance is how Yemen fits within a distinct mythical eschatological power bloc known as al-Sham (Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan). The story of Yemen's importance during the time of Prophet Muhammad is told through the vehicle of Hadith.

I understand (and support) the necessity of drone technology for strategic targeting of men such as Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki who flee to Yemen for safety. But the limitations of our weapons technology to produce desirable outcome in regions such as Yemen will continue to be haunted by the history of the land and her sturdy inhabitants who embrace their historical traditions. These traditions include Yemen as a place of safe flight. The strong tradition of hospitality to the traveler also has play in this desolate land. In spite of the desolation and difficulty of the terrain, it is considered a sacred habitat.

"You can't always get what you want." Nor should we, as I write today from a strictly anthropo-cultural, ethnographic view. Certain things, must be preserved for their generations.

Brett McGurk and Gina Chon: Unfit for Duty in a War Zone

The State Department claims they are standing by Brett McGurk as a man who is "uniquely qualified" to be the next U.S. ambassador to Iraq. Wall Street Journal, as a professional news organization, will be forced to address the issue of a senior correspondent (Gina Chon) who possibly traded sexual favors for an unusual level of access to a powerful rising star in the State Department. I contend neither individual is fit for duty within a war zone.

Suicide rates amongst the military ranks are alarming today. The medical assistance for physical war time injuries and for (needful) treatment of PTSD within our war-weary veteran community will be borne on the backs of the next generation of tax-paying Americans. A structured conflict in Afghanistan is unraveling slowly toward a 2014 date for troop withdrawal. Things will increasingly be presented in abstract, as opposed to concrete terms, as our nation comes to grip with some of the follies of Pentagon plans gone awry, whether it be the COIN (doctrine) which only tossed well within the halls of power, but not as effectively on the ground, or the misuse of tax-payer money falling into the hands of the indigent chronically corrupt in Afghanistan. History will sift the facts. Our policies - the good and the bad - will be examined by the historians who take a peek back and provide us with their own unique after-action perspective from within the halls of academia. War is at times necessary. I do not dispute this fact. Otherwise, I would not wear the cloth of my nation. But war always costs more than we can imagine, and with the heaviest toll being born on the shoulders of a twenty-something grunt.

The situation with the Brett and Gina Show reminds us of one thing: Dirty hands cannot cleanse dirty hands. The State Department can rub the PR Genie all they want. They can justify bad behavior and push forward the nomination of an undeserving man. But we know the truth. Our troops deserve better State Department representation. Ethical behavior abroad within the hot spots where our men may currently place their head on a rock at night is absolutely necessary for confidence in government. That is the thought that should be on your mind as you place your head on your own little soft pillow in America tonight.

The men and women who leave their families for a single tour or for a multiple volley of tours deserve better. Our Special Forces squatting in the cold and eating an MRE for Thanksgiving deserve better than the Brett McGurk's of the State Department. Every soldier who has remained monogamous to their mate under difficult circumstances, deserves better. Our nation sends us to war and tells us not to fraternize. We are to stand our watches alone and without the comfort of a shared bed. The brave men and women who live within the combat zone, pray for their families at night, and then sleep alone on an unforgivingly hard cot, need to know that the individuals working for the State Department are also shouldering the burden of their rank with equal sacrifice. Sure, we cannot expect men such as Brett McGurk to dig a hole with a spade, and call it a toilet; make homemade nachos out of his jalapeno cheese packet and crackers in the MRE; nor stand a fire watch at two a.m. after working a sixteen hour day. He is "uniquely qualified". But we should demand - professional and ethical behavior, and character above reproach - instead of what is revealed in the giddy emails sent back and forth between a Wall Street Journal reporter and her sensibility-deprived source.

Close Order Drill: Keeping the Ranks Closed to Ideological Flanks (Part III of III)

"How good you are, and how good are your patrons, your soldiers, and your military who carry out Jihad.." Sheikh al-Maqdisi is a message posted on a jihad site in 2009

Words that devour.. All ideological flanks entering chain of command structures engage tactical poetics which seek to devour the ranks. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to psychological warfare. But what is "new" involves increased opportunity for a heightened effectiveness via technological advances which emerged in the late 20th century.

The fear during the Cold War was Soviet indoctrination. It progressed at a snail's pace compared to the leopard's leap now available with internet communications. Consider the story of an American woman from Pennsylvania traveling to Europe to kill a citizen of Sweden at the behest of her terrorist recruiter. Colleen LaRose represents the emerging threat. The world with which you are comfortable is about to disappear. This is a war by increments, on our soil. And because it is an incremental threat with little blips on the media screen which are here today and gone tomorrow, few realize the nature of the beast.

So what can be done to strengthen the ranks of our military? On a basic level it appears we have achieved mediocrity in our presentation of the Islamic world view. Yes, our soldiers must learn basic etiquette and cultural considerations as we become increasingly involved in stabilization operations within Muslim-majority hot spots. This is the Long War. Religio-cultural considerations must be grasped and we must do better not to present ourselves as the proverbial "Ugly American". But new programs need to be manned like mine-sweeping operations to deny ideological penetration of radical Islam into our ranks.

The issue is not one of attacking what one civilization considers divine truth. It is about circumventing political entrapment which creates intelligence vulnerabilities and physical threats within our military community, such as those carried out by Hasan Akbar and Nidal Hasan. Enough is enough. We can ill-afford another attack on a base by one of our own members. Let's put the skunk on the table.

No longer can we afford toe static teaching paradigm of the past. We must we be willing to move into evolutionary teaching paradigms if our troops are to be adequately prepared and armed against ideological assault. It is the difference between a canteen and a camelback. We need to get rid of the canteen mentality. Our men and women in uniform must be taught to readily identify the dogma of indoctrination, and the inherent expressed sentiment attached to the Isalmic terrorism front. The intellectual scope must be adjusted and courses which allow for intellectual apathy must be discarded with a focus on studies which bring unity of purpose in spite of diversity of views. Organizational cohesion and the closing of our ranks to ideological penetration can be achieved. But it requires a new training paradigm.

Close Order Drill: Keeping the Ranks Closed to Ideological Flanks (Part II of III)

Captain Christopher Seifert, U.S. Army

Major Gregory Stone, USAF

Date of Death: 23 March 2003

Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait

During my first trip to FHOTC, Camp Pendleton, our unit was given a brief on the attempted penetration of the military by area gangs wishing to acquire weapons proficiency. We were also warned against any association with the KKK or any other hate-based organization. It was made very clear that the protection of our ranks was very important.

A new challenge to our ranks emerged on 23 March 2003. Hasan Akbar tossed grenades into the tents of his comrades as they slept, killing two and injuring fourteen. In the aftermath, his journal entries show a pattern of conflicted loyalties and anti-American sentiment which preceded his military service. His psychological hierarchy of identification reversed order at some point in time. He ceased to be an American soldier who had taken an oath which bound him to the defense of his nation. He entered the grey landscape of the lone wolf syndrome.

The new "gangs" in town are virtual realities. These cyber communities provide active forums with chat rooms inhabited by mere dozens to several hundred or even a few thousand visitors per day. The emotional ties to these virtual communications can soon begin to supercede the physical reality of the geography and time in which the visitor resides. Within the jihad sites much romanticism exists. The "bride" (recruit) is handcuffed to the bridegroom beast (the recruiter). The relentless cadence of jihad soon drums within the veins.

Major Nidal Hasan also forsook his military oath as he moved into the shadowlands of cyber jihad. One of his mentors was Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki. I had read enough articles by Al-Awlaki prior to his news splash to consider his brand of rhetoric distinctly dangerous. My brief, "Rise as One Man: Islam in the 21st Century" (February 2009) included a link to one of his articles. This particular piece, "On Censures and Censurers" first posted at a Chechnya rebel site in 2008 but was later picked up for discussion at the forum run by Islamic Awakening. These articles and threads of thought crisscross the globe. Recruiter and potential recruit are only a click of the mouse away from each other. Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki baited an emotional hook. And when Major Nidal Hasan was ready, the hook was baited a second time: with blood bait.

Should the U.S. military deny access to American Muslims? Of course not. It is the wrong question. Here are the right questions. What can be done to assure that good order and discipline prevail? What means of active denial can be put into play to assure that another FUBAR of a deal does not happen, such as the cluster at Fort Hood? How can the military better educate its members to perform as sentinels against the tentacles which seek to bastardize the oath? Let's talk about these questions next.

Anwar al-Awlaki

Close Order Drill: Keeping the Ranks Closed to Ideological Flanks (Part I of III)

"Moving as a unit.." These are the extremely important initial words regarding close order drill. Please maintain the psychological posture of a close order drill as you read the series on active denial of ideological penetration into our ranks.

Professor J. Michael Waller, Annenberg Professor of International Communication, Institute of World Politics, put the skunk on the table. Addressing the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Home Security before the Senate's Committee of the Judiciary (14 October 2003), Mr. Waller gave expert testimony regarding the infiltration of the U.S. military and penetration of America's prison system by radical Islamists.

The Dallas Morning News presented a fact-laden piece on smaller scale regarding ideological penetration of the U.S. military. This penetration can be inadvertently facilitated by the very military training programs which are meant to familiarize our troops with the basic tenets of an Islamic world view.

The report identifies Louay Safi, a Fort Bliss military trainer. He is an individual shown to have close ties to terrorism suspects. He was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2005 terrorism case. Yahya Hendi, a member of the Fiqh Council of North America, is also included in the cast of characters for the DMN article due to powerful connections within the national Islamic organizations. His inclusion in the article does not necessarily cast shadow on his work as a Muslim Chaplain at NNMC. But he is a representative face of the quandary which faces the American military today.

Men who walk within the international corridors of geopolitical Islam maintain powerful alliances with distinct tethers of guidance coming from sister organizations in the Middle East. Their goals can be vastly different than our own.

The maintenance of an effective standing army is dependent on ideological cohesion regarding national defense, community creed, and unity of purpose. Within my own branch of service our motto is "Honor, Courage and Commitment".

We are at war. It is not a war against the 1.3 billion Muslims who inhabit the planet. We are at war against a strident ideological front. It is time for close order drill.

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Editorial Direction for June

There has been a bit of interest on a higher governmental level for a blog trilogy written in the past. It seems good to share what remains a timely topic on my new site. Within the bloated cash-register-ringing anti-jihad industry I continue to see veneer instead of solid wood, trash trees instead of a stand of oaks. The first commentary will be available tomorrow.